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Movie Surveys!
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Do you enjoy movies? Do you enjoy surveys? Well, then, here you go...

I've created this community as I enjoy taking LiveJournal surveys (everyone does!), but I've seen very few movie ones. I'd like to see a wide variety of interesting surveys asking different questions about movies. LiveJournal users can feel free to take any surveys from here and use them in their own journals (although credit would be awesome).

I encourage discussion to be as loose and open as possible, but just a few rules...

1. Civility at all times. Taste is subjective. All of us like something that someone else would consider crap. No flaming or silly drama allowed.

2. This is a "movie surveys" community. Please only post something resembling a survey with something or other to do with movies. I'm very liberal about what constitutes as "movies" (I'll even count TV shows), but I just don't want the usual cookie-cutter surveys cluttering up the works. Introductory posts ("Hi, I'm so and so") or feedback about the community are both fine and welcomed.

3. I'm sure movie surveys may pop up elsewhere, and they're of course fine to be put on there. However, please check recent posts to be sure that they're not already here. I don't need the same post showing up four, five times in a row.

4. Please no promoting.

Thanks and enjoy the board!

(NOTE: I'm still twiddling about with the board, so please excuse the appearence.)